FAQ on Support

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What if I don't see the quantity or I want a custom solution?
Answer: Ok, so you need something special. That's ok we like special. We do it all the time. Just click on this link below, send us your information and we will call you and figure it out. We can do many different and special offerings like: admissions and enrollment hotline and we love doing it! So: CLICK HERE

What is the Scope of your support? What questions will you help answer?
Answer: It's a pretty good list, so we gave it a page of it's own. Check out: Scope of Support

How long are the incident packs good for? 
Answer:  An entire year from the date you buy them.

What if I need more?
Answer: You can buy another pack, any size you like. We will notify you prior to running out.

Will Packs renew?
Answer:  When you purchase the pack we will inform you as your quantity of incidents falls below 30% remaining. If your remaining balance falls below the 30%, you have the option to buy additional packs.

Is there such a thing as Roll-over incidents?
Answer: Yes, if you go into the next year and renew or buy another incident pack your previous incidents rollover to the new plan.

How many incidents do I need?
Answer: We would advise you to use this formula for Kornukopia support (Amount of Faculty and Staff times 1) with a minimum of 50 Incidents. Some of your faculty won't call/chat or email, and some will use it often. Keeping in mind that we can also provide support for internet access, email and other basic stuff so if you use us for that than buy more. It's your choice.

Will support do password resets?
Answer: No, sorry our privacy and confidentiality policy do not allow us to manually renew the password. We just don't know your users and we don't have a way to verify them. However, in Kornukopia we provide a "forgot my password option for the user", which is an automated password renewal.
Kornukopia Support Pricing
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