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Basic "Out of the Box" Support

So, we are going to let  you in on a secret: "We built Kornukopia from the ground up to be the easiest education management system in the world to use."  We also packed our website full of tons of documentation and tons of tuturials and demos.  You see, our credibility is very important to us and we did not want to be accused of giving away a system and then selling expensive support.

However, Our customers asked if we could provide more on demand support and also provide support for students and faculty that included a very robust helpdesk support (support for the operating system, applications, connectivity and other items).
Unfortunately, we could not do that for free... sorry.  We think we came up with some very high value options that you are going to love. Something for everybody.

Additional Support Options: For a fee

Administrator Support:
So, our first offering is for the administrator. If you are reading this, that's probably you. We know how hard you work and we know the demands and well sometimes you just want to call someone and say: "hey help me on this one". So, we created a simple and we think cheap, annual admin support option, It's $595.00 for the year. Yup, that's it. It includes calls, chat and email 24 hours by 7 days a week. Click here to sign up!

Faculty and Staff Support: 
We know that you can't be everything for everybody especially if you have a large staff.  So many administrators asked us to help them support their faculty and staff, which we are happy to do! We know you don't have an  unlimited budget so we let you control what you spend by buying support in chunks of time. Click here to see your options!

Helpdesk support for everybody:
I know you think this is some kind of typo... But it's not. In order to provide you with helpdesk support we partner with one of the top providers of College helpdesk support in the world. These guys support  real students as a helpdesk every day. This is what they do, and they are great at it! They support not only our system but all the basic helpdesk questions that you probably have to answer every day. Like:
"I can't get on the internet"
"I can't get email"
" I can't read/access this website"
"I can't open this file"
And all the old favorites...
For a more detailed list check out: Scope of Support

We know you don't have an  unlimited budget even if you have a student tech fee, so we let you control what you spend by buying support in chunks of time. Did we mention we can support students 7 days 24 hours per day; so, we could supplement your own support.
Click here to see your options!

Have more questions?

Check out our FAQs on Support:  CLICK HERE FAQ ON SUPPORT
Check out our Scope of Support:  CLICK HERE SCOPE OF SUPPORT

Kornukopia Support Pricing
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